Pricing Structure
Getting someone in is often cheaper than our customers expect.

We believe there should never be any hidden charges, no difference between what you expected to pay and what is on your final bill. That is why we have a totally transparent
pricing structure and our men are trained to inform you up front of the estimated price and time scale of any work you require.

We operate a minimum charge of two hours, this is calculated from our arrival at your property and then we charge for each additional 30 minutes. We have a £10 overheads charge for each job (this goes to cover fuel, admin, tools etc). All prices are plus VAT at the prevailing rate.

For larger works we can send our estimator and give you a full written quotation, we have reduced rates for increased volume of work

All our standard charges are laid out below.


Standard time charge for each
30 Minutes



 Decorator, Gardener, Groundworker


 Joiner, Plasterer, Bricklayer,




 Registered Electrician


 Gas safe registered, Gas and heating engineer



Example prices


Mrs P had a section of collapsed garden wall where she bumped it with her car. She tried ringing bricklaying companies but the job was too small for them and they were not interested. She contacted THE HANDYMAN CO and we sent a tradesman around next day to put it right.
The job took 2.5 hours, our man arrived ready for work tooled up with his mixer and hand tools, cleaned off the old bricks and re-installed them to keep a match with the rest of the wall. The only material costs were a bag of sand and cement.

The costs for the above job were calculated as follows;-

Brick work


 Bricklayer, 2.5 hours
 Admin  £10.00
 VAT  £14.20
 Total Cost  £85.20

Newcastle Handyman

 Electrical work

Mrs J bought a new chandelier for her lounge, she spent £700 on the chandelier, her husband had put light fittings up before but it had not gone smoothly and caused an argument when it went a bit wrong, so she decided to get some professional help. She called The HANDYMAN CO and we sent an electrician around to fit the chandelier for her. Not only did he fit the chandelier but after Mr J's efforts he checked the whole lighting system was safe, and quietly made a couple of adjustments for peace of mind. 
The costs for the above job were calculated as follows;-

 Electrician, 1.5 hours (2 hours min)
 Admin  £10.00
 VAT  £14.00
 Total Cost  £84.00

Job done by The handyman Co

Garden tidy up 

Mr A needed his garden tidied up before relatives came to stay for the weekend. The garden had been neglected, it was overgrown and full of weeds and rubbish bags he had left out over the preceding months and his fence was broken too. Quite frankly Mr A was embarrassed by the outside of his home which looked run down and neglected. Mrs A wanted it sorted out pronto and had no problem in reminding him at every opportunity. It was Tuesday, and that meant only three days until the relatives arrived. Not having the time (nor inclination) to do the work himself he called The HANDYMAN CO and we sent a team around to sort it out for him. The team got started and Mr A popped down to the local garden centre to pick up some plants for them to install and finish the job off. they returned to find the work almost done and Mrs A (now the creative director) told the men where the plants were to go to finish it all off. She was so happy she rewarded the lads with a nice cup of tea. The work was done on the Thursday and his guests arrived on the Friday to a spick and span looking property, a Happy Mrs A and relieved Mr A.

The costs for the above job were calculated as follows;-

 Garden tidy up  

 Labourer x 3 hours
 Gardener x 2 hours

 (supplied by Client)

 Admin  £10.00
 VAT  £18.20
 Total Cost  £109.20

Handyman in Newcastle



 If you have a job that needs doing give us a call, we will give you a ballpark figure for the work over the phone. Our Tradesmen will always confirm the expected cost in writing prior to starting any work so you can have complete peace of mind and no unpleasant surprises at the end of the job.

Transparent pricing policy, No tutting
or head scratching - guaranteed

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